Monday, September 29, 2014

What I Haven't Been Doing

I read on a friend's blog today something about having so many things to do that it's no good to feel bad about all of the stuff that doesn't get done. That's life right now! I haven't been doing a lot of stuff--I haven't been sewing much, and I've been blogging even less. I haven't finished those nagging little projects cluttering my sewing table, haven't cut into those yummy scraps that just pile up higher and higher (perfect playthings for Baby!), haven't added a whole lot to the shop. But why worry about all that...I have been doing plenty of other (more needful) things. Changing diapers, packing lunches for two hungry boys and a Dad (that is new for me as this is their first time in day school), overseeing violin practice, chauffeuring kiddos to music lessons, making music for the kids to sleep by, teaching math lessons, helping my five-year-old write his letters, reading books to young ones, and on and on. When I sit down to stitch, there is my little girl begging me to finish that project for her, to start something new, to teach her how to do this thing that I love so much. It's hard to say no to her when she just wants to do what I do, to be just like Mama.  Now really, who would want to trade all that away? It is tiring, and I fall into bed at night sometimes, emotionally spent from a full day. But it is all so worth it. The sewing days will come again, maybe soon. It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to do things just like so-and-so's blog, to achieve someone else's success, to have that thing that is not mine to have right now. I am not that "so-and-so." Being like her would not be happiness. God has given me a unique set of gifts and responsibilities, my own people who need me, and when He sees fit to give it, time to exercise my creativity. I hope this is inspiring to whoever is reading this--people are more important than projects.

I did find a treasure a while ago for my daughter who wants to learn to sew. A 1954 Singer in beautiful working condition, with cabinet, attachments and all. $22. Love. We have had fun trying it out and making a little doll quilt (which I haven't finished). Why do we always end up doing a project with the tiniest pieces. That's a post for another day. Anyway, the vintage Singer is a great beginner machine. Pretty much indestructible and easy to self-service. Maybe I will get those pictures up, after I go change that diaper...