Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Gray and Green

We spent last Saturday afternoon and evening celebrating at a big party with our friends. It is an annual event that the kids look forward to for weeks every year. Games. Feasting. Friends. Music. A celebration of the good life God has given us. We remember that He has made us like green flourishing trees, fruitful and abundant. And we thank Him by celebrating with these very earthy gifts He has given us.

This is part of the view from the venue of the party. It is an old seminary building built in the 1930's, but now empty and unused. It is stunning from the outside, but the inside is pretty much cold and lifeless, except for one wing (the old dining hall) that is still used for weddings and receptions. People have dreams of making it a hotel someday. I hope that someone will revive its former elegance.

We all needed that party, a time to forget the ugliness and brokenness all around us in our world today. I don't mean the sloshing around kind of forgetfulness, but a mindful forgetfulness, for a few moments, of the bad news. A purposeful remembrance of God's good gifts, the color in our world, the promise that He makes all things beautiful in His time, that there is a good purpose behind all the sadness and hurt we hear so much about. A gray and colorless palette is a landscape in which bright colors can vividly shine. God is at work in this world of ours. And when you know that, all the sudden you see the world through new eyes. Colors become more vibrant against the gray backdrop. The rainy day makes the green breathtakingly vivid. There is Hope for this world, a living and true Hope that will not disappoint.

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